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CIRCA 1966



Alyazia Mana | Printmaking Art in Dubai, United Arab Emirate

This kinetic sculpture closely resembles an oil derrick that is often used to extract oil but as a withering machine that will soon break down and be forgotten. My sculpture takes a chronicled view of the oil industry and the industrial development in Dubai since the discovery of oil in 1966. The sculpture is constructed from teak wood, 3D printed parts, metal, and paint. I chose this medium because of their durability and effectiveness in constant motion. The key theme of this project is the historic connection between oil and the development of Dubai.

The sculpture will be able to represent that historic era and allow viewers to contemplate about the city’s historical development in the world stage. I believe the sculpture will also represent a historic and cultural aspect of art that can be understood by everyone including those who are not familiar with art. To me, the artistic quality of the sculpture lies in its construction and engineering capabilities in which people may be intrigued to observe the movements.

I think it’s important for people to be reminded that with the imminent disappearance of oil, many aspects of our modern lives will indeed change. The oil derrick machine is internationally recognizable by many as a symbol of the oil industry, in some cases associated with wealth as well because of its great importance as a natural resource in a modern world that heavily relies on as a fuel.

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